Thai Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts

Program in Thai Studies - International Program


   Curriculum :   

  4-Year Undergraduate

  Total Credit :   

  Course  129 Units   


Special Characteristics of Thai Studies Curriculum


  1. This program is collaborating with the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at the University of London. Students are able to choose: 

    1.1 Program 1: Study at Thammasat University throughout the 4 Years course period and will receive a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Thai Studies) from Thammasat University. 

    1.2 Program 2: Students will receive 2 degrees from Bachelor of Arts (Thai Studies) from Thammasat University, and B.A. (Thai Studies) School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) University of London. Students are required to study Year 1-2 at TU and Year 3-4 at SOAS.

  2. The curriculum has been standardized and is accepted within Thailand and abroad.

  3. Here, graduates are characterized by the use of high-level and effective English language skills. 
  4. The graduates have knowledge and understanding of Thailand-ASEAN (or China or India) in political science, economics, social science, humanities, history, culture, and language of Thailand Profoundly and well-rounded.
  5. Graduates are able to find facts, understand them, evaluate new information, produce new ideas, and find evidence from multiple sources to analyze, criticize and research a solution to complex social problems systematically.
  6. Graduates are able to apply the knowledge they have studied in their careers or to pursue higher education. They are specializing in developing knowledge outside the classroom and continue to learn throughout their life.
  7. Our graduates are powerful personnel with international standards quality, have social skills, take responsibility, and are creative. They are a major force that keeps driving society.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are able to work in agencies and organizations, including government organizations, private businesses, embassies, and international organizations.

Graduates could also work on a field as employees and entrepreneurs in tourism, hospitality, aviation, print media, journalism, marketing, and public relations.

Graduates are able to work as teacher and professor of the Thai language.

Extending to translator, interpreter, writer, and columnist





Study Pattern



Thai Studies program at Pridi Banomyong International College has a mission to create interdisciplinary graduates. We aimed to create a person with knowledge and become experts on Thailand and ASEAN (China or India), social, economic, political, history, culture, and language. We hope our students are up to date with the modern world, are able to find a solution to solve social problems, meet the needs of the labor market, and could become a leader of the society and/or to satisfy the customers at the local, national, and international level.


1.Have completed their final year of secondary school, Mathayom 6 (grade 12 in the US system or year 13 in the British system); or take the equivalent study of high school (M6), such as GED.

2.Have attained a satisfactory score on one of these English proficiency tests and one of these aptitude tests, which is not more than 2 years from the date of application submission. (Foreign Applicants, who used English as their first language, are not required to submit English proficiency test)

2.1 (Inter Portfolio 1 Round, Inter Portfolio 2 Round, and Inter Program Admission 2 Round)

– IELTS (Academic) 6.0 (OR)
– TOEFL (IBT) 61 (ITP,PBT) 500 (CBT) 173 ] (OR)
– TU-GET (PBT) 500 (CBT) 61 (OR)
– New SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 400 (OR)
– GSAT (Reading, Writing, and Language) 400

2.2 Inter Program Admission 1 Round (If students passed this round, they are required to study the basic English language as provided by the college before the semester starts. They must pass the exam to be eligible to study in the course.)

– IELTS (Academic) 4.5 (OR)
– TOEFL (IBT) 32 (ITP,PBT) 400 (CBT) 97 (OR)
– TU-GET (PBT) 400 (OR)
– New SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 400 (OR)
– GSAT (Reading, Writing, and Language) 400
– PBIC English proficiency test (held by PBIC in Apr 2021)
– O-NET (For undergraduate admission) not below 45 points

Graduates Requirement

1.Students are required to complete a total of 129 credits.
2.Must obtain a cumulative GPA on an average of not less than 2.00 and have registered as a student for at least 7 semesters.
3.Students have registered as a student for at least 7 regular semesters
4.Students have followed all of the conditions as required by Pridi Banomyong International College. In case the student has select “Program 2,” students also need to follow conditions met by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, United Kingdom. (Students must comply with other regulations and rules as specified by Pridi Banomyong International College.)

Study Pattern

The duration of 1 semester is not less than 15 weeks. The summer semester might take at least 6 weeks which the hours of study per subject are increased to be equivalent to those during the regular semester.

Semester 1 : August – December
Semester 2 : January – May
Summer Semester : June – July


Tuition Fees : 63,00 Baht / Semester

Tuition Fees (For Internation Student) : 70,000 Baht / Semester

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Pridi Banomyong International College, Thammasat University

Thammasat University 2 Prachan Road, Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200 THAILAND

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