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Thai Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts (International Program)

“One of the most recognizable features in the changing landscape of Asian studies in this post-Cold War era is the growing importance of Asia not only as the object of studies by “first world” academia but also as the producer of knowledge”

— Thongchai Winichakul



   Curriculum :   

  4-Year Undergraduate

  Total Credit :   

  Course  129 Units   


Why Thai Studies?

Thailand is one of the world’s most visited countries. The Buddhist kingdom is famous for its temples, paddy fields and unique cuisine.

Yet it has gone through some of the most profound changes over the last century that have challenged all sections of society making the country a fascinating case-study for those interested in processes of modernization and globalization and the impact upon traditional societies, where the ancient and the modern share close quarters.

A founding member of ASEAN, it is also seen as a critical geopolitical and economic player in the region and a gateway to Southeast Asia



Our program

PBIC, Thammasat University’s BA Thai Studies is the ONLY English-language Bachelor of Arts-level Thai Studies program in Thailand, giving students from all over the world the unique opportunity to examine the country at undergraduate-level, as well as learn Thai, within Thailand itself.

The program leads students through Thailand’s sociolinguistics, geography, history, religious development,  economic development, business landscape, politics, and into contemporary social issues and problems studied to a level that allows students a sophisticated, practical and real-world-applicable understanding of the Kingdom and it’s place in the regions of Southeast Asia, the Asia-Pacific and the world.

Learning at PBIC is not confined to classrooms. Our Program includes an annual Capacity Building Excursion to places of significance in Thailand. On select individual courses, students will be able to go on annual field trips, and have the option of an internship in Thailand in their final semester. Additionally, our students can take part in extra-curricular PBIC Thai Studies and Thammasat University events. Study abroad options also exist (see below).

Throughout their period of study here at PBIC, students will be able to enjoy the relaxing and historically significant campus of Tha Prachan in the heart of Bangkok, which is in many ways the heart of modern Thailand itself,  a few minutes from the Royal Palace, and just twenty minutes from the Financial District, the historical heart of Bangkok, where so many of the events and trends that we study actually took place.



Careers and Transferrable Skills

Apart from those who want to know more about Thailand, Southeast Asia and the country’s and region’s place in the world, and those interested in learning the Thai language in context, the BA Thai Studie program is also perfect for those looking for a strong first degree in the social sciences and arts and humanities.

For those with a wide range of interests, the broad curriculum of a Thai Studies program will mean that our students have a valuable opportunity to find where their true interests lie and will be well-prepared for the professional world once they enter it.

For those who require a broad-ranging degree for adequate flexibility in their onward journey into higher education towards a specific career, a BA in Thai Studies from one of Asia’s top universities is a wise choice. Nowadays, most professions demand a specialized Master’s Degree. BA Thai Studies constitutes a useful  foundational BA for any number of MA’s, MScs or conversion courses to MScs (i.e Law Conversion Course, Dioloma in Economics etc).*

This is because apart from learning about Thailand you will be learning the Area Studies approach.

Area Studies programs provide a multidisciplinary study of a geographical, national, federal or cultural region, such as Asia, South Asia, Maritime or Muslim Southeast Asia, China, or in this case Thailand.

A program in Area Studies introduces students to a new language, contemporary debates and issues in the student’s chosen region, and a range of different topics ranging from politics to literature to economics.

Because Area Studies is inclusive of all the disciplines of the arts and humanities (A&H) and the social sciences it provides students with unparalleled introductions to the approaches and techniques of disciplines that students of single disciplines would never get.

In addition to helping students develop the many transferrable skills associated with those disciplines, the course provides them with opportunities to acquire specialist knowledge in the field of their choice, preparing them for careers in

  • International business
  • Tourism and travel (including cabin crew)
  • Journalism
  • Foreign service (diplomatic corps etc.)
  • International law (with law conversion course)
  • Economic development (with post-graduate Economics Diploma or Development Economics MSc)
  • Translation
  • Political analysis/consultancy etc.

For students still deciding where their career path lies, the BA Thai Studies therefore takes students through a wide range of ideas, approaches and topics that will inspire and lead to career choice certainty.

Over their four years with us both their Thai language and their English language skills will improve to a level suitable for employment in an international setting. Many of our past graduates have gone on to careers in internationally-linked businesses, NGOs, and the tourist sector.

The disciplines which students will be trained in comprise:

Arts and Humanities (A&H)

  • Languages and Lingusitics
  • Art and Architecture
  • Literature
  • History
  • Religion

Social Sciences

  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Business
  • Law
  • Geography

Course structure

Foundation Year: From the General: Skilling, Thinking, Articulating (36 Credits)

  • TU Courses: Compulsory general education courses
  • These courses provide students with the theoretical and practical skills for navigating university; they include Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing in English, Thailand, ASEAN, and the World, and the Development of the Modern World
  • Thai Language for beginners


Second Year: To the Particular: Area Studies Approaches: Approaching Thailand

  • PD Courses: Compulsory Area Studies Introductory courses
  • THS Courses: Compulsory Thai Studies courses
  • These courses set students on their path into Area Studies and the fundamentals of Thai Studies specifically; they include Social Science Research Methods, Law and Social Justice in Asia, Multilateralism and International Organizations of Asia, Thai History, Buddhism in Thailand and Thai Politics
  • Intermediate Thai Language

Third Year: Thailand Survey (30 Credits)

  • THS Courses: Thematic Thai Studies courses
  • These courses see students learn about the classical Thai Studies topics, from the Economic Development of Thailand to Gender and Sexuality in Thailand, the Art and Architecture of Thailand, and Thai Contemporary Literature
  • Advanced Thai Language

Fourth Year:Thailand in-Depth (27 Credits)

  • THS Courses: Thematic Thai Studies courses
  • These courses allow students to examine at greater depth more complex and specialist issues in Thailand, such as the anthropology of tourism, migration and ethnic minority integration, religious cults, Thailand’s international relations, business practices and market distortions, corruption, and problems of contemporary cultural representations in the media*

* Specialist issues courses run on the availability of the Lecturer. Some topics may not run in a particular year.

* Successful transition to a conversion course or graduate-diploma or MSc or MA will depend on the student’s performance at BA level.

International links: Study Abroad

Our Thai Studies BA Program includes the added options of a semester abroad wiith one of our partner universities or two years in the UK on our Double Degree program with SOAS, University of London.


Semester Abroad

Our students can select between the University fo California, Berkeley or the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a semester abroad in the third year or the first semester of their fourth year.

Both Berkeley and Wisconsin-Madison are world leading institutions in Asian Studies.

Students will take courses in Southeast Asian studies at our partner universities that are the equivalent to a semester’s courses at Thammasat University and be able to transfer their credit earned towards their BA in Thai Studies with us.

Double Degree Program, SOAS University of London

SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), University of London is one of the world’s leading Area Studies institutions and has specialised in Asian Studies since its founding in 1913.

We offer our Thai Studies students the unique opportunity of studying two years BA Thai Studies with us at PBIC followed by two years in London at SOAS in BA Languages and Cultures.

Upon completion of their four-year double degree program students will gain two full BA degrees, one in Thai Studies from Thammasat University and the other in Languages and Cultures from SOAS, University of London.

Students will thus have the opportunity of living in London and learning at one of the world’s leading Asian Studies institutions.

Mission Statement



Study Pattern


Mission Statement

Thai Studies BA program at Pridi Banomyong International College’s mission is to create interdisciplinary graduates with a practical application ability. We aim to produce a person with social science- and humanities-based knowledge of Thailand and Southeast Asia and become experts on Thailand and ASEAN (China or India), in aspects of its language, society, economics, business practices, politics, history, religion and culture. We train our students to be up to speed with the modern world, in both skills and current trends; to be able to identify social, economic and political problems and develop solutions; to meet the needs of a changing labor market; to become leaders in private or public institutions or wider society; to meet the needs of service users, customers, or collaborators at the local, national, and international level.


1.Have completed their final year of secondary school, Mathayom 6 (grade 12 in the US system or year 13 in the British system); or take the equivalent study of high school (M6), such as GED.

2.Have attained a satisfactory score on one of these English proficiency tests and one of these aptitude tests, which is not more than 2 years from the date of application submission. (Foreign Applicants, who used English as their first language, are not required to submit English proficiency test)

2.1 (Inter Portfolio 1 Round, Inter Portfolio 2 Round, and Inter Program Admission 2 Round)

– IELTS (Academic) 6.0 (OR)
– TOEFL (IBT) 61 (ITP,PBT) 500 (CBT) 173 ] (OR)
– TU-GET (PBT) 500 (CBT) 61 (OR)
– New SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 400 (OR)
– GSAT (Reading, Writing, and Language) 400

2.2 Inter Program Admission 1 Round (If students passed this round, they are required to study the basic English language as provided by the college before the semester starts. They must pass the exam to be eligible to study in the course.)

– IELTS (Academic) 4.5 (OR)
– TOEFL (IBT) 32 (ITP,PBT) 400 (CBT) 97 (OR)
– TU-GET (PBT) 400 (OR)
– New SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 400 (OR)
– GSAT (Reading, Writing, and Language) 400
– PBIC English proficiency test (held by PBIC in Apr 2021)
– O-NET (For undergraduate admission) not below 45 points

Graduates Requirement

1.Students are required to complete a total of 129 credits.
2.Must obtain a cumulative GPA on an average of not less than 2.00 and have registered as a student for at least 7 semesters.
3.Students have registered as a student for at least 7 regular semesters
4.Students have followed all of the conditions as required by Pridi Banomyong International College. In case the student has select “Program 2,” students also need to follow conditions met by the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, United Kingdom. (Students must comply with other regulations and rules as specified by Pridi Banomyong International College.)

Study Pattern

The duration of 1 semester is not less than 15 weeks. The summer semester might take at least 6 weeks which the hours of study per subject are increased to be equivalent to those during the regular semester.

Semester 1 : August – December
Semester 2 : January – May
Summer Semester : June – July


Tuition Fees : 63,00 Baht / Semester

Tuition Fees (For Internation Student) : 70,000 Baht / Semester

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Pridi Banomyong International College, Thammasat University

Thammasat University 2 Prachan Road, Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200 THAILAND

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