Tripura in Thai and Cambodian Epigraphy: Evidence from Indian – PBIC

Tripura in Thai and Cambodian Epigraphy: Evidence from Indian

Literature / Sachchidanand Sahai and Akkharaphong Khamkhun


The article centers around the expression Tripura mentioned in the Sukhothai inscription I of Ram Khamhaeng dated 1292 CE, in the Wat Chiang Man inscription dated 1581 CE, and in the poem Kamsuan Samut attributed to the Ayutthayan poet Si Prat. The present article offers new insight on Tripura from Cambodian epigraphic sources, and from a wide range of Indian literary and artistic material. It concludes that Tripura does not indicate a triple wall but a city built to glorify Siva. As a result, the article is a part of arguments in Southeast Asian history leading to a new insight that Tripura was not solely originated in Thailand and implied a triple wall but a city established to honor Siva. In addition, the research is a collaborative academic publication between a renowned scholar, Professor Sachchidanand Sahai, Bualuang ASEAN Chair Professor at Thammasat University and Mr. Akkharaphong Khamkhun, faculty members of Thai studies program at Thammasat University’s Pridi Banomyong International College.

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