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Chinese Studies Program

Bachelor of Arts

Program in Chinese Studies - International Program


   Total Credit :   

   129 Units

   Curriculum :   

   4-Year Undergraduate Course   

Special Characteristics of Chinese Studies Curriculum


  1. Graduates will have hands-on experience in Chinese languages by traveling to study at our leading partner university in China for at least 1 semester. 
  2. Graduates will be taught efficiently high-level English and Chinese language skills.
  3. Graduates will understand and gain knowledge about China from Chinese cultures such as Chinese civilization, Chinese philosophy, the current Chinese economic system, to China’s governmental politics. This curriculum will also cover the subjects regarding political science, economics, law, social science, and humanities-related to China.
  4. Our graduates learn to think critically, search for facts, study complex problems, provide appropriate solutions, and are able to evaluate conceptual information from varied sources.
  5. Moreover, they will also be able to apply the knowledge they learned to create new projects creatively.
  6. Graduates are able to use the knowledge they have learned in their career and study as well as explore Chinese studies at the advanced level. They will gain a life-long characteristic of people who continue learning and developing knowledge throughout their life.
  7. Our students will become skillful Chinese Studies graduates who are able to work professionally at all levels from local, national, to international level.

Career Opportunities

  • Graduates are able to work in Chinese-speaking agencies and organizations, including government organizations, private businesses, embassies, and international organizations.
  • Graduates could also work on a field as employees and entrepreneurs in tourism, hospitality, aviation, print media, journalism, marketing, and public relations.
  • Graduates are able to work as teacher and professor of the Chinese language.
  • Extending to translator, interpreter, writer, and columnist




Study Pattern



During the 21st century amid globalization, economic growth, and open country policies, China has become a vital force in economic development in Asia and to the rest of the World. China currently is considered as one of the world’s great powers in many dimensions. In the meantime, Today’s economic development and cooperation between Thailand and China have been emphasized and intensified in all dimensions.

Therefore, “interdisciplinary” teaching and learning is needed in order to provide graduates with the ability to communicate effectively in both English and Chinese. Moreover, here, we also aimed to teach all of our graduates to have comprehensive knowledge in social sciences, humanities, and business administration, extended to knowledge and understanding of linguistic, socio-economic, and cultural conditions in order to achieve understanding peoples for a better and peaceful community. It is an important mission of the Chinese Studies curriculum to develop the curriculum by integrating academic knowledge and social skills. Pridi Banomyong International College will assure to produce quality graduates to meet the needs of the ongoing business demand.


1.Have completed their final year of secondary school, Mathayom 6 (grade 12 in the US system or year 13 in the British system); or take the equivalent study of high school (M6), such as GED or IGCSE.

2.Have attained a satisfactory score on one of these English proficiency tests and one of these aptitude tests, which is not more than 2 years from the date of application submission.

2.1 (Inter Portfolio 1 Round, Inter Portfolio 2 Round, and Inter Program Admission 2 Round)

– IELTS (Academic) 6.0 (OR)
– TOEFL (IBT) 61 (ITP,PBT) 500 (CBT) 173 ] (OR)
– TU-GET (PBT) 500 (CBT) 61 (OR)
– New SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 400 (OR)
– GSAT (Reading, Writing, and Language) 400

2.2 Inter Program Admission 1 Round (If students passed this round, they are required to study the basic English language as provided by the college before the semester starts. They must pass the exam to be eligible to study in the course.)

– IELTS (Academic) 4.5 (OR)
– TOEFL (IBT) 32 (ITP,PBT) 400 (CBT) 97 (OR)
– TU-GET (PBT) 400 (OR)
– New SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 400 (OR)
– GSAT (Reading, Writing, and Language) 400
– PBIC English proficiency test (held by PBIC in Apr 2021)
– O-NET (For undergraduate admission) not below 45 points

3.Chinese Studies application, HSK IS NOT REQUIRED
(*If you are qualified, the college will hold Chinese proficiency tests)

– Students with test scores of 0-40%, must study level 1 and level 2 Chinese basic adjustment courses.
– Students with test scores of 41-64%, must study level 2 Chinese basic adjustment course
– Students with a test score of 65% or more or acquired HSK4 (180 points), in which the exam result are not over 2 years, are not required to take the basic adjustment course.

Graduates Requirement

1.Students are required to complete a total of 129 credits.
2.Must obtain a cumulative GPA on an average of not less than 2.00 and have registered as a student for at least 7 semesters.
3.Must comply with other regulations and rules as specified by Pridi Banomyong International College.

Study Pattern

The duration of 1 semester is not less than 15 weeks. The summer semester might take at least 6 weeks which the hours of study per subject are increased to be equivalent to those during the regular semester.

Semester 1 : August – December
Semester 2 : January – May


Tuition Fees : 63,00 baht/ Semester

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